Our story

Chunky Brains was founded by two co-founders who used to work as frontline software developers. They had similar mental inclination and vision to make the technology industry bigger and better. Both the founders could foresee the upcoming growth and breakthrough innovation in the software and IT Industry and this led them to start an all tech IT Services Company in Mohali in the year 2017 with the aim to be the best IT services company of India. Clients who we first worked with are still with us and are seeing significant growth in their businesses.
Over the years, Chunky Brains has evolved, which has allowed our company to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements in our field and increase both revenue and assets.

What we bring to the table

We’ve had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, and now can claim to be the best IT Company in Mohali/ Chandigarh providing world-class cutting-edge technology helping businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design and digital marketing.

Our Mission

Delivering innovative and reliable solutions while giving them the experience of building their product into a brand and to meet our clients needs with utmost quality using the state-of-the-art technology to maintain stability and growth of the organization while contributing to the IT Sector by providing most profitable IT solution to all.

About us_Chunkybrains

Our Vision

Be the best software companies in Mohali:
Our Vision is to be the best company in IT services company and progress in our current position in market. We believe that Customer’s growth is our growth, so we ensure our customers to help in achieving their business goals. Likewise, we believe providing reliable and accurate work of utmost quality. We want to be known as the trustworthy, innovative and user-friendly software service provider in IT industry.
Company core values
• Client first
• Long term alliance
• Customer value creation
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Accountability
• Social responsibility
• Compassion
• Innovation

Our objective

Our main goal is to “provide excellent services for aspiring clients.” and Digitally transforming and accelerating businesses” A space for invention where we can experiment with our own ideas and give them form as long-lasting, practical tools. Our system is incredibly easy to use. Therefore, if you have an idea and you want to transform it into a successful product, our committed focus on the needs of our clients ensures a solid, ongoing relationship can help you make your dream product. Our USP is long term alliance with our clients and we believe in providing long term support work.