According to “Buffer”, a company that includes videos for marketing campaigns has 27% higher CTR and 34% higher conversion rates.

It’s just the matter of fact, but today investing money in video marketing will worth your business profit. Apart from that videos are trending these days; It also makes your page or campaigns more appealing. If you want to implement video marketing  in your 2020’s Digital Marketing strategy  then its better to understand what will work and what not.

But before that let’s know “why using video will be profitable option for your business?”

Chunky Brains, has came up with 6 reasons why you should add video Marketing in 2020’s Best steps for Digital Marketing Lead Generation.

  • Google Loves Video.

As you know Youtube is a part of Google. So, Google directly effects your website if, embedded with youtube video. Special preference if provide to your website and web page.

  • Increase CTR  with Conversion rate.

As you know the visual appearance is attracts people. Video provided in a web page keeps your visitor for longer time. And if your video explains your services or product, your visitor will end up by buying your service or product. According to research a good quality video can convert your conversion rate by 70%.

  •   Engage new customers

You tube provides suggestion video according to search query. If your video thumb nail is attractive enough to attract new audience, you can have new customers on your website. Video Marketing is very efficient for pre launching advertisement.  As 80%  of consumer prefers to see video than reading blog.

  •       Valuable information is easily delivered & explained    

Through video you can deliver all the valuable information easily and explained. In videos you can demonstrate the audience about the problem they are facing with your product & how your product can solve their problems.

  •       Easy social share

Through video marketing sharing your video makes easy and less time invested in watching it then reading all over.  Watching a Video needs less time than reading a blog. Video is easy to share from one platform to other.

  •       Increases Smartphone users

People now a day’s use Smartphone’s a lot. This increase the mobile users  for your market. This can increase your video engagements rate. Start your video promotion now.

Now a day, video being watched on Phones and other mobile devices is increasing day by day. Which means that vertical video is rapidly becoming more and more important to use in your story telling. Here are nine important and 100% usable tips for making more creative vertical videos.

  • Learn the Aspect Ratio Basics.

Vertical video as we will be discussing it refers to over 1 to 1 aspect ratio. 4 to 5, 2 to 3 and fully vertical 1 to 1.77is also know as 9 to 16 are all taller than. They are wide which works better for Social Media or  for being viewed vertically on mobile devices & tablets. The one distinct advantage that 9 by 16 has is that it can be most immersive because it utilizes the entirety of a vertical screen.

  •       Catch the Eye Immediately.

We all know that if you don’t immediately entice users on Social Media, they are likely to move on. So, put your most interesting and provocative visuals from gifts, colorful stop motion or looping animations beautiful shots of nature and cute or funny animals are all great for hooking viewers. The thing that will keep them around is consistency.

So, try to follow up the first couple of shots with something that either matches the color scheme tone or your over all personality.

  •       Split the Screen

Since your vertical frame is so tall, you can try using it to creative stack multiple horizontal clips on top of each other. These clips can be related in content and look or they can be actually positioned to appear like there is a seamless blend between them. Try using any natural tines or clips to position them in the most creative way possible. You can even Experiment with diagonal lines or by putting more than two clips.

  •  Get close to the subject

One of the biggest positive to shooting with the vertical frame is the fact that you can get closer to vertical friendly subject. This helps you create a more intimate immersive experience. You don’t have to worry about getting everything you see in the frame and can instead focus on putting the most important object  or subject directly into the center up-close and personal.

  •  Use the vertical Space

Once you get close to the subject you automatically start to fill empty space within the frame.  However there are creative ways to fill the vertical space when the subject isn’t quite a personal. Close shop you can raise the camera up high and tilt it down giving you a deep frame to film things like long empty road, cyclist riding in a line and so on.  You also have the ability to frame your subject from  below. Creating more imposing and powerful shot. This can be used to get someone’s entire body or other subject in the frame, without having to be further away.

  •       Practice the rule of third

The rules of third ia a photography rule, that says not to place the main subject directly in the center of the frame. Instead you draw a horizontal lines and vertical lines that divide your frame into third and place your subject either on the lines or where the lines meet up. This of course may not work in some cases but if you want to direct your audience’s eyes  somewhere in your frame, those guidelines are a great place to line them up.

  • Avoid fast Side to Side Movements

Shaking camera movement while recording is very common, but while watching that video feels annoying. vertical video  has so little screen on the sides that makes difficult for visual view.It’s important that you try to avoid moving the camera from side to side too fast. Normal Pans & 360 rotations are perfectly acceptable and can be very important to show a scene but once they become too fast cameras and even our brains can’t keep up with the information.

  •  Vary your Angles and shot type

Filming vertically doesn’t mean that everything needs to be shot at arm’s length and eye’s level. Do your best to mix up your shot length and camera angle to make the video more interesting and work within the frame to create something unique. If you are doing something like an interview or blog style,  video break up the on-camera talking with a more engaging close-up of the subjects face that takes up the entire frame.

  •     Use text and graphics.

Your text should complement your visuals so that means to use it in the space, where your subject isn’t. This goes same for any graphics or emojis or stickers you plan on using scale. Scale them up , rotate them and line them up or they best enhance your video. One basic technique you can do yourself is by scaling up a colorful animation or gif. to fill the entire screen. Add a solid over the top then use the eraser tool to draw your text. The background will now pay through the erase letters.

Creating vertical video is not only important to build your brand to get more engagement on your social channels. It’s  also a new and exciting way to push yourself creatively. By working within the constraints posed by vertical video and adjusting your storytelling to fit. You can come up with new visual styles and expand your skills even more.


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