Our Focus:

Since it’s inception, Google Android has turned into the premier, vital and popular working framework all around the planet. At present, the Android operating system holds 87% share of the global market and this is expected to increase over the forthcoming years. Owing to this increasing demand for Android applications, we have come up with a separate and comprehensive Android applications department acquainted with the latest tools and technologies and capable personnel to provide you with the world-class technology customized according to your specifications. Our focus is customer satisfaction and long term alliance with our clients.


Android App Development is unpredictable and requires extraordinary expertise, experience, and the right device to build up a quality and viable application. Our developers have first-hand experience of android applications and have the required know-how and competence to deal with state-of-the-art technology. We use breakthrough technology and inventive plans to make an application that can raise the user experiences to another innovative level.
It takes skills, knowledge, and experience to create an Android app that can actually stand out in Google’s Play Store and appeal to prospective customers. We, at Chunky Brains ensure proficient app developed of utmost quality. We are the best IT Services company in Mohali.

Android APP Development in Mohali

If you need an Android app development company with a strong portfolio, consider Chunky Brains. We’ve developed multiple custom Android apps for startups, enterprises, and leading brands worldwide.
At Chunky Brains we develop Android apps that assist you in streamlining and simplifying your business processes. We help you to serve your target customers on the Internet via Android Stores and make the best out of it. We have quality assurance programs in place to deliver prime quality apps and outstanding user experiences to the target audience, enabling them to access all core functionalities with ease right away.

What makes us the best Android App Development Services Company in India?

Our team of mobile app experts employs the latest technologies and design features to create top-notch apps for the Android operating system involving clients in the entire process right from design and development to testing and support.Anroid-App-Development-in-mohali
As we believe in long term alliance with our clients, we make sure to involve them in the entire process of app development. We believe in working out according to their specifications and expectations that ensures client participation. This way clients can see coherent progress of their app giving them real time experience. Using an agile approach to developing Android apps, we make sure to keep you informed at every step of your product creation. Together, we move from one stage to the next one, following an iterative approach. This way, your Android app evolves according to your ideas and business goals as well as the requirements of the dynamic market and user preferences.

Our application possess: 

• Flexibility
• Speed
• Intuitive UI
• High-security

Why Chunky Brains, a Mobile App Development Company in Mohali remains the Top Choice?

We are committed and multifaceted mobile development team that delivers exceptional Android apps for B2B/B2E and B2C markets. Our team is always abreast of the prevailing market trends, and we keep updating the relevant changes in the design. We have the right infrastructure to bring out the best potential of our team. We work closely with our business partners and establish their brands through our app solutions.
Besides, we provide excellent customer support, and we are always available for solving any maintenance related issues. We offer continuous support to our customers on both short-term and long-term basis that makes us unique. We assure you we are there throughout the development process and even after delivery of the project.