· What is Email?

Email or Electronic mails is mainly an official way of exchanging messages. But, it can be used for personal use too. The information is stored on a computer shared by one end user to another. Email can contain text, images, or video. An email was invented by Ray Tomlinson, in the 1960s and today Email Marketing is one of the best and effective way for lead generation.

· How email Works?

Email works the same way as sending a letter works. As an email is sent from the sender and received from a receiver there is a long process of transferring data server to server. This process is called the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

The Journey of Email

The Journey of Email from Sender to receiver.

· What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the best Digital Marketing Strategy for sending an email to the visitor of your website. This can turn your visitor into a 1st-time buyer then convert it into a regular buying fan.

· How are Email Marketing works?

We very well know that this is a social media time, social media can convert your leads into a customer very easily. But the biggest problem with social media is your competitor is also working there. And there is a chance that your competitor product must have some really good deals. This can steal your customers.

So, why not land your customer on your landing page? 

Email Marketing can work. Email marketing provides you to send a custom email that will help your customer to land directly to your “Buy Now” page. The reasons why most of the Digital Marketing Agency suggests for email marketing are:

 lead to conversion Process Through Email Marketing

Lead to Conversion Process Through Email Marketing

  • Make email your communication channel:- As per research, 99% of email users check their mail at least once in a whole day. This provides you a good option where you can have your visitor into a customer.
  • You create your email list:- While targeting your visitors through email, it provides you an option to send messages to only those who personally provided you their email ID or subscribe to you for a newsletter or permitted you to send them mail through any channel. If you send mail randomly them your mail will be sent to spam, and that’s useless.
  • Email to convert instant:- Email is the best way to tell your potential customer that they need your help by buying or subscribing to your offer. Through email, you can convert you’re your visitor to the customer in a fraction of time. You can estimate according to research that CTR through email increases comparison to social media by 85%.

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· How effective Email Marketing is, in Business?

Email marketing is a very reliable source of generating traffic on your website. But if you want to know how effective Email Marketing is for Business Growing then it depends on your service or product. Through email marketing, you can create a trust factor, business recognition, brand awareness, new visitors and many more. To sell your product or services, you have to work on these facts. Then, people will visit or ask for your query.

· Which type of audience to target through Email Marketing?

Through Email Marketing you can have quality leads. Quality leads mean those leads that can be converted to customers easily, just by providing attractive offers. The call to action offer should be different from others and have affordable prices with attractive offers.

· What are the Best ways to target your audience through Email Marketing?

While targeting an audience & for more conversation rate you should have perfect timing to shoot your email. As many people will view your mail, the chances of conversion are high. For India, the best time to shoot an email is between 7 pm to 9 pm. But time can vary according to place, product or services, & audience type.

The best way to find your perfect timing to shoot your email is to make a few test email campaigns at a random time and track the time of opening your email. Track down a few more important things like how many of the people clicked on your call to action button. How was your landing page performing and try to scrap as many data you can. After analyzing all scrap data, take your final step by sending the mail and enjoy the best conversion rate and increase your revenue.

· What types of leads can be generated through Email Marketing?

You can achieve all types of leads according to your requirements. Leads can be different for different people. It depends on the motive of setting up an email campaign.

  • Sales Leads:- Sales leads are the most famous activity performed through Email Marketing. Though Email Marketing you can make your potential customer land to your shop now page.
  • Blog Promotion:- Blog promotion through Email marketing is very common these days. Email Marketer target your audience for blog promotion to analyze the data of click-through rate, time of opening, how your audience responded to your mail.
  • Increasing subscriber:- Through Email Marketing you can also increase your subscriber. For subscribing your work need to be of the best quality.

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