What are the 2020’s Best steps for Digital Marketing Lead Generation?

When you Google about “2020’s Best steps for Digital Marketing Lead Generation” 251 Million search results appear which will teach you about 2020’s Best steps for Digital Marketing Lead Generation. So we as the best Digital Marketing Service Providers we very well know what steps you can take for lead generation. Digital marketing is an innovative field where anything or everything can work. And the only way to know what will work is to implement it on your websites.

We, at Chunky Brains, help business owners to create a brand and manages the Brand reputations. We work in every field that will help you to reach your potential customers very easily or they can find you very easily. It’s basically a two-way step, that connects the supplier and the users.

Best Lead Generation Steps for 2020 are:-

Conversational Marketing

Back days; conversation with your leads was a difficult process. Where you can convert your lead into a customer in working hours only. But as competition increased companies started using chatbots. Now, nearly 8 out of 10 companies are using chatbots.

Chatbots makes your work easy as they answer your leads anytime. You don’t have to be online every time to answer your leads. Chatbots like Mobile Monkey, Flow XO, Botsify, ChatterOn and many more are famous these days. Chatbots respond to your visitor’s query in the same time frame.

This feature helps to keep your visitors on your website for a longer time period and this improves the chances for converting your visitor into your clients.

If being a business owner or service provider, you are also want to implement chatbots on your website contact us now.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the best way to explain your problem-solving product or services. Video creates the best impact on how your product can ease their difficult work. According to research, 82% of daily traffic comes on Youtube. You should publish high quality and informative videos that you think will work for your business. If your landing page contains a video about your product and services the chances of converting your visitors to client. To know more about 2020’s best video marketing strategy, visit here.

Where and what type of video you can post?

  • Youtube:- Start your youtube channel now and start posting product-related videos. This will help you in generating quality leads.
  • Social Media:- Post small problem-solving videos now. This will help you increase engagement in social media and brand awareness too.
  • Email Marketing:- Attach your new product video at email and target natural clients. This will let you know how good your new product will work in the market. Ask for feedback and respond to them back. This will increase the trust factor for your current customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an old way of marketing but trusts us, it’s the most efficient way to connect your current customers and subscribers. Email marketing is used by every big company, this is an easy way to approach your clients.

Email marketing increases 78% of Click-through rate that is a high conversation rate. Email marketing makes land your client’s land directly to the landing page.

Email marketing works best for you when you hit the bullseye. It needs a brief explanation in a small paragraph, with the correct time for sending mail and the correct URL for landing. If you want to work on email marketing contact Chunky Brains. We help you working on Email Marketing. Our expert team has experience working on Email Marketing. Get 100% results.

If you want to know more about Email Marketing visit here.

Interactive Content

Content is the evergreen marketing tool that will work every time and will help you in generating leads. Google always give importance to good quality content and rank high if your content has information that helps the user.

Interactive Content needs to be original. No copied content. If you want a content marketer that can help you rank on the higher position Contact Chunky Brains. We have experienced content writer that will provide you 100% Plagiarism free content. We have helped many companies with content marketing that increased their sales and also created brand awareness.

Voice Search Marketing

Voice search Marketing like Alexa, Ok Google, SIRI and many more. Research tells, there is an increase of 50% voice search comparison to 2018-2019. Voice Search Marketing mainly targets your local business near the user. If you still not working on voice search like business listing and integrating codes, you and your business is lacking behind.

Make your website voice search friendly and target your local market. If you need help in integrating your website according to voice search contact chunky brains now.

Link Roundup

Making links in off-page through bookmarking, image submitting, pdf submitting and etc. are very few factors in ranking your website. You need to create high quality links trough blog submission, Article submission, eBook And news submission, apart from that you need flying content and target high PA & DA website and approach for broken links.

These links work best for your website and we have used this technique and got satisfying results for our clients. These links built the best trust factor for Google.

If you want your business to grow, contact Chunky Brains now. We have successfully managed to rank our existing client’s website ion the very first page of Search Engine Results.



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